So we shut down for a couple of days, due to some cookies. Who named them ‘cookies’ anyway? What a terrible coin. Anyway, I figured today is as good as any to start off with a new blog.

I normally like to go home when it’s time to start over or replenish my mind, and when I thought of that, I thought of rapper, Rasheed Jamal. He is one of the most profound rappers in the underground today – – in my opinion. He is from Hot Springs, AR, and I’m not sure if he has many Arkansas listeners or not. In any case, he delivers content that the game needs: honesty, discernment, and lyrical astonishment. Hip-Hop is missing those things in the mainstream – – outside of guys like Cole and Kendrick.

I worked with this guy at Sykes Enterprises and bought a mix-tape from him. It was a surprise, to say the least, when I finally absorbed his work. It gives you a different feel than what you hear on the radio. I think our community needs music like this. No one wants to take away from the “hipness” that is hip-hop, but let’s add some intelligence. There’s nothing wrong with songs that make you “turn-up”, but let’s start this year off with some music that provokes thought.

Jamal now lives in Beaverton, Oregon and continues to work with other relatable talents. I have not spoken with him at all, so I have no special insight to give you, but I wanted to post one of my favorite tracks he has on YouTube. Check him out:


If you want to check out more from the Arkansas, hip-hop product check out the link below. “My Beautiful Ugly” is the mix-tape.

Rasheed Jamal -Rap Artist; The TRBL Tape


I’ll aslo tryto keep you updated on any projects he has coming up – – especially if anybody from Arkansas is paying attention.! #SANKOFA


Hot Springs, Arkansas.