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See the guys in the photo above? That was my last day of high school. Remember your senior year when they told you that your circle of friends would diminish immediately after high school? We all thought that was bogus, right? If only we were smart enough to realize they knew exactly what they were talking about, and that it was only a re-run of the same episode they watch every year. Some of my closest friends ended up as prisoners, successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, deceased, depressed, and most of us don’t know what we are yet. The funny thing is I can remember where all the aforementioned labels were all a part of one group. The world wasted no time in defining our class status for us.

We were young, wreckless, and resented any infomation that came from authority figures.We all had that in common. I don’t think there’s a soul in America that can’t relate to this. But here we are, approaching our late twenties and I have no clue where half of my friends from high school even reside these days. It’s not that we all fell out with each other, I guess life just takes us in separate directions. Everyone’s journey is different, and its important to understand we are all similar, but our situations are different. I guess life really is like a box of chocolates. That’s just the way it is.

More importantly, you may also realize that life hasn’t been as fruitful as you’ve imagined. Even if it has been, you still have your fair share of problems. Having an exorbitant bank account doesn’t mean that you’re always happy. As a matter of fact, I believe you can lose control of who you really are, or at least who you want to be, as the money comes rolling in. It will seem like every relationship is built on a foundation of how much you benefit one another, rather than how much you actually get along. Life becomes a matter of profit and loss, and I think we grow colder when we experience this.

I’ll be approaching my ten year reunion for high school in one year, and the main thing I hear others say when they turn 28 is: It just doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Contrary to popular belief, it feels like it’s been an eternity to me. Is life really short, or do we take this life for granted? I guess it could be a combination of both, but I tend to agree with the latter. We have an entire day, RIGHT NOW, to work towards whatever it is we want to accomplish: salvaging relationships; working on your resume; writing a book; etc. So if someone were to die tomorrow, we can’t honestly say that we never had “time” to say goodbye. Maybe life is so short because we’re human, and we all make the wrong decisions sometimes. I don’t know any better than the person who’s reading this, but it’s something to be conscious of obviously.

I sit back and think about all my friends from the past, and we’ve gone in so many different directions. We’ve all made mistakes. Some of us had to pay for them and some of us didn’t. We’ve all had things we were good at. Some of us capitalized and some of us didn’t. It’s all about decisions and we can’t change what’s already written, but tomorrow is an open book. It’s easy to live in regret, but it’s harder to work towards minimizing more regrets. I think that’s why “Life is short”. We have to take this 24 hours and do exactly what we planned on doing for the past decade. Carpe diem, my friends. Seize the day.

Kain Carter, one of my favorite comedians, had something similar to say about the topic. All rights go to him for the video, but I had to share this: