Ladies and gentleman I want to welcome you to the fight (debate) of the century. In one corner, we have the 6 ft 8 in 250 lb King James. He is a 2 time NBA world champion and 4 time NBA MVP. In the other corner we have the 5 ft 8 inch 151 lb Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Money Mayweather is a perfect 48-0 in the boxing ring. Now I bet you are asking yourself this question: What in the world is this guy talking about? I mean why would LeBron James fight Floyd Mayweather? He wouldn’t, unless it was some type of celebrity charity event, and even then I couldn’t see Floyd participating being that boxing is his profession. So what is this about? We shall see.


I have personally been a LeBron fan ever since he came into the NBA. I mean I love the way he plays the game of basketball. He can score, pass, rebound and defend as well as anyone in the History of the NBA but for some reason many people hate LeBron James and they bash him quite unfairly in my opinion. He has many accolades from MVP to All NBA awards. He has been with his High schoo sweetheart and mother of his children for many years. Is he perfect? I would think not, but from various interviews he has done most people walk away saying the same thing: LeBron is a great guy. So why would so many people root for his failure? Well of course there are a lot of variables for that, I mean everyone has their own favorite team and everyone has players that they just cheer for so I do understand how someone can not like him from a sports perspective….especially if he is playing against your team. But what about him as a person? We will come back to that!


This now brings me to Floyd Mayweather. As I stated he has never lost a boxing match and he will probably go down as one of the best ever, especially after beating Manny Pacquiao during the last fight with him. The man has not lost a match ever and is considered a boxing defensive genius. Almost everyone I know is always pulling for him to win and here is my problem. Why do they like him? I mean everyone loves a winner but what about him as a person. Floyd has been charged 6 times with domestic violence and he spent 2 months in jail for beating up the mother of three of his children. Wow, let’s think about that. A professional boxer who has never lost a match beat up his children’s mother. Sorry to repeat that but that is a strong statement. He has also been sued by one of his ex girlfriends for allegedly abusing her. Floyd believes that every man should have multiple women to do with them as they please but almost every woman I know is rooting for him to win this fight.

Let’s think about this deeper. What if someone thought that you were their personal property and that they should deserve to have multiples of you or people like you? Sound familiar (slavery)? Would you root for them to win a fight or would you root for their demise. I don’t even need to know your answer. I do understand that rooting for him or against him has no impact on his win/lose record but it should have an impact on our moral compass. I could go on and on about Floyd Mayweather and my opinion about him as a person but I won’t. I have done enough and I do know that my rant will not change who you root for. I remember a time when people were rooting for true champions that stood for something


I can hear it now: those without sin cast the first stone or maybe this one…he is only human. How about the comment of the year: Randy you a hater man# teammoney. Yea I’m hating man…hating the direction this world is headed. I have a theory and that theory states that this is one of the major reasons our world is so messed up. We are rooting for the wrong people. We want to free people from jail because we went to school with his/her cousin’s best friend. We could care less if that person is innocent, it just sounds really cool to say “Free such and such” and make T-shirts. Now sometimes we do need to strap it on and rally for the innocent but be educated on the matter. We no longer live in a world where doing or saying the right thing means something. I have heard Assistant Principals and deacons post in social media how they hope Mayweather wins. I am a firm believer that if the Devil himself through a concert, everyone would line up to go see him as long as it entertaining.

Start Rooting for the right people!!! Now I am not saying that LeBron is the right person but he is definitely a better role model to me than Floyd. LeBron just my example because I like him and he seems like a good person. Who’s your LeBron?

Ding Ding Ding this match is over with for me